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Traveling to the UAE

There are many interesting facts that you will never know until you travel to the United Arab Emirates.

First and foremost, UAE is home to approximately 5.9 million people as at 2014. The country was founded in December 1971, and its official language is Arabic while most of the people are of Islamic Faith. UAE is home to the main cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah and Ras al-Khaimah among other cities. The capital city is Abu Dhabi while the largest city is Dubai. United Arab Emirates is made up of seven emirates which together form the UAE. The governance system is that of a monarchy. The country is governed by Sharia law. Among the iconic persons in UAE is Mohammed Bin Majid who was a 1421 born citizen who was considered the first Arab Cartographer and seaman whose prowess was recognized even in the west as he worked for hand in hand with Vasco Da Gama in finding the route to Africa from India.

Founding Father of Dubai

Sheikh Rashid was the founding father of Dubai, a very visionary man who predicted the future of the city. Dubai has no underground sewer system. Instead, the human waste is carried out of the city in tankers every day. The city has no postal address system and no zip codes. Sending of packages involves a proper description of the destinations including the landmarks to ensure that the package arrives at the desired destination.

UAE is the home of the world’s largest Metro system. The transport system is fully automated with the temperature being controlled and maintained at 20 degrees Celsius. The Metro system is a 75-metres long network serving 75 trains that are all automatic with no traditional drivers.

plants and buildings

Dates are one of the most common indigenous plants in the United Arab Emirates though there are 3500 native species in total. The world’s largest shopping mall is found in Dubai, and it occupies 5.9 million square feet. It is not a wonder to find ATMs in Dubai dispensing gold instead of the regular monetary denominations. Dubai is also the home to the tallest building in the world. The Burj Khalifa which was inaugurated in January 2010 and has maintained its status as the world tallest since then. UAE is one of the countries which provide great services to its citizen and the visitors as well. It is the home of the world’s largest fleet which is operated by the United Arab Emirates airline known for being the airline that was first to provide an onboard shower to its passengers.

The major source of income in this country is the export of Oil and Natural gas. Almost every citizen is wealthy. Since the country is governed by Sharia law, there are no Taxes on Income. It is no wonder a bigger part of the population is made up of foreign workers and their dependents commonly known as the expatriates. The community is made up of mainly young people who come here looking for jobs and also due to the cultural preference for large families by the citizens. Another reason why the population is composed of young people is the reduced child mortality rate necessitated by the improved medical care which is available to every homestead.

Many business have relocated to the UAE due to the economic zones that have been setup accross the UAE. The economic zones offer businesses tax free income on everything produced within the economic zones. Many online business from Europe have relocated to the UAE and its economic zones. Three examples of internet businesses that have relocated are oranje casino no deposit, gokkasten onlinebitcoin casino reviews which together employ over 200 people within the economic zone in the UAE. The CEO’s of both online casino businesses have made statements saying that due to the exemption of corporate income tax they have been able to reinvest more capital and facilitate faster growth for their companies which in the end still benefit the community of the UAE. The gokkasten online company has just recently made it public that with the assistance of the online casino company Videoslots CasinoRoyalpanda and Betsson casino they will expand their business by launching a 120 strong online slot machine lobby at a development cost of 2 million USD.

The United Arab Emirates, or simply called the Emirates is a sovereign constitutional monarchy consisting of seven emirates. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE. UAE has a population of 9.63 million as of 2018. Since it is a constitutional monarchy, each of the seven emirates is governed by a ruler. UAE government follows Islamic Sharia law to govern the country.
With its iconic skyscrapers, magnificent beaches, and a very luxurious lifestyle, the UAE has become a dream travel destination for a lot of people. The larger than life structures and beautiful beaches are just the tips of the iceberg. The United Arab Emirates has a lot more to it than just tall buildings and large beaches. With the proper guidelines, you can have an experience of a lifetime in UAE.

When to go

Timing your trip is a very important part of traveling. The temperatures of the UAE can get pretty high sometimes, so the ideal time to visit would be between October and April. If you plan on paying a visit to the beaches, then March, April, and October are a great time because the weather might be a bit hot, but it’s still pretty cozy. If you’re planning on visiting during this time, then this is also the best time for you.