What to do while in UAE

Dubai reek dhow ride

One may think that the beauty of Dubai can only be appreciated while from the skyline view offered by the world’s tallest building but it is not entirely true since the most beautiful views are also taken from the water. Through the Creek which passes through the city, one can explore by riding one of the traditional Arabic boats otherwise known as Dhows from which picture can be taken. The sunset rides are often accompanied by dinner and other entertainments offering a great, magnificent beauty.

The beaches

There are numerous beaches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Ajman. So regardless of the city, you visit in UAE, you will be spoilt for choice. The high-rise golden sand beaches are always open for visitors, and they are a great place for leisure especially after a long day or period in the country’s extensive deserts. Most luxurious hotels along the coast have sand patches which guests are free to use. The hotels offer water spots for diving and jet skiing, among other water related sports.

Take a bus tour while sightseeing

Touring any new city is always problematic on your own, but with a tour guide and with fellow travelers being taken around the country and its cities in a bus it becomes much easier. Visiting Dubai on the Big Buses gives your family an opportunity to enjoy flexibility which comes with the hop-on and hop-off option that a bus tour offers them. The bus takes routes that have the most beautiful sites giving you an opportunity to take unique pictures.

Shop at Souk Area

While in the Arab world, you will only experience the real life if you go to the market places to shop with the locals. Sharjah Souk area, it is a busy and stinky market selling fish. The fruit section is a crowded soak that sells both fruits and vegetable, always noisy as people shout out their prices while customers bargain for better deals. It is the only place that you will capture the real life pictures of people in UAE since the market is not set aside for tourists only.

Go fishing at Kalba

Kalba is an attractive old village that lies in the south of the United Arab Emirates. It is commonly known as a fishing village which produces lots of fresh produce, and it is home to fish markets. If you like fishing, this village will give you a chance to fish as you interact with the people of UAE. You can later still stroll in the village as you visit Al-Hisn Museum. While still at Kalba village you will get a chance to visit Khor Kalba Conservation Reserve which contains the most boreal mangrove forest of the world. It is a unique place for birdwatching and photography, especially during spring and autumn.

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