What to Eat while in UAE

Stuffed Camel

It is not just one of the major delicacies in UAE, but it is also one of the dishes that has entered the Guinness book of world records as one of the biggest dishes served in this world. It is served in wedding ceremonies by the elites in UAE alongside other dishes such as fish, chicken, and eggs. If you visit UAE and attend a wedding, you will have a chance to taste this delicacy. The whole Camel is roasted alongside other ingredients to come up with the final meal that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


It is very common in the country; the dish can be made using lamb or chicken meat. It is served in different manners depending on the restaurants where you buy it. It is more like a kebab. In UAE shawarma is ordered alongside a special fruit drink that is made from blended strawberries and bananas. The delicacy has become popular in Asian countries as well. The dish is commonly made with garlic sauce, pickles, fries, and tomatoes wrapped it in Arabic Roti.

Al Harees

Although this dish is made up of very few ingredients, it takes very long to prepare it. It is made up of wheat and meat. It is the typical dish that is served during Ramadhan, Weddings and Eid festivals. The mixture of wheat and meat is cooked until the mixture forms a paste. It is left in a cooking pot for almost overnight. Apart from salt, other spices can be added to satisfy your preferred taste. Although simple, the dish is exquisite. It is served in flat plates after topping local ghee on it.


It is more of a dip than an independent dish. It is served along with other meals like Shawarma and Pita bread. Some use it as an appetizer. The fall is unique in taste and is made up of chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini paste and olive oil among other ingredients. While in UAE, a combination of Hummus and Shawarma will leave a memorable taste in your buds.

Al Machaboos

Very famous traditional dish made of rice, meat, onions and dried onions. Other seasonings are added as per the chef. The ingredients apart from rice are first boiled till they become tender and soft. After which the meat is removed, and the rice is added to the remaining mixture which is then cooked well after which meat is added again, the dish is one of the favorites across the gulf area and is a must try for all travelers.

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