What to see while in UAE

Hajar Mountains

For the lovers of nature, the Hajar Mountains provides a lot of unique opportunities and chances to enjoy the exceptional beauty of the desert. Bird watching, hiking, and trekking are some of the things that you can do while in this region. The region’s tiny villages are connected by stunning meandering roads that are always fun for a road trip. Since the mountain is found in the desert, there are spectacular wadis in the region to explore in person.

Burj Khalifa

It is one of the landmarks that define UAE. It is the world’s tallest building that hosts an elevator that travels the longest distance. There is an observational Deck in the building where you will get a very beautiful view of the city of Dubai. People who experience dizziness due to high height are advised to skip the observational deck and just appreciate the beautiful Burj Khalifa at their comfort. Viewing the building from a far distance or another relatively shorter building is also an outstanding experience.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The mosque is no average mosque; it is a place of worship that is made up of real architectural design combining modern and ancient styles and techniques. The mosque is big and beautiful. While at Abu Dhabi, a visit to this Mosque is a must. The interior designs use mosaic tile, some gold and glass to decorate as well as marble. The exterior is made of white stones that make the mosque look even more beautiful under the clear blue sky.

Sharjah Arts Museum

It is up to today the most famous museum for arts in the Emirates. It has a diverse art collection in the entire country. It is home to art belonging to the Arab painters and artist as well as European artist who specialized in painting the Arab world. The good thing is, regardless of the time you visit UAE, the museum has many temporary exhibitions of the art throughout the year. These offers visitors an opportunity to appreciate the Arab work of art.

Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is home to a lot of fun activities to do and lots of things to see and appreciate their beauty. It is home to Dubai Aquarium which hosts approximately 200, 000 species of fish. If you are not ice-skating, you will be able to view other experts as they enjoy the sport. Cinema complexes are also numerous in the Mall. Live music and fashion shows are always taking place at the mall and with annual Dubai Shopping festival which takes place in January and February being one of the famous events, make a point not to miss these events.

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